Installing and launching Digital Gravelometer

Problem: The installation was completed successfully but the software doesn't launch properly (the splash screen appears briefly but nothing happens).
Solution: Digital Gravelometer must be run once from an administrator account (so that it can initialise properly) before other users can launch it. Log onto the computer using the account used to install the software and launch it from here. It should now work when launched from any account. If it still doesn't work, it is likely that the Matlab Component Runtime was installed with the 'just me' option selected. Reinstall Digital Gravelometer, taking care that the install for 'everyone' option is selected.

Problem: The software fails to launch and displays a message saying "DLL loading error: mclmcrrt72.dll".
Solution: This message is occasionally displayed the first time Digital Gravelometer is run. Try launching the application again. If this doesn't work, the Matlab Component Runtime has not been installed properly. Reinstall Digital Gravelometer, taking care to ensure that the Matlab Component Runtime is installed correctly.

Problem: The software takes a long time to load.
Solution: Digital Gravelometer was built using Matlab and has to load many Matlab libraries before launching. This may take several minutes on some machines. Please be patient.


Problem: Installing Digital Gravelometer causes Matlab to stop working correctly.
Solution: Digital Gravelometer requires the Matlab Component Runtime to be installed on the user's computer. If a full version of Matlab is also installed, conflicts can arise between the two. Typing "rehash toolboxcache" at the Matlab command line should solve the problem.