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Digital Gravelometer has been developed in the Department of Geography, Loughborough University, by Dr David Graham, Professor Ian Reid and Dr Stephen Rice.


David Graham is a fluvial and glacial sedimentologist with particular interests in the application of computer technology to data collection and analysis in the Earth sciences. He is a co-author of the Tri-plot ternary diagram software for particle-shape data. Although based in Loughborough, David maintains close links with the Centre for Glaciology in Aberystwyth, where he undertook his doctoral research. Go to David’s webpage.

Ian Reid’s research interest focuses on river sediment transport (especially of arid zones), agricultural and forest hydrology, and rift basin sedimentation. His research has relevance for engineering and environmental management of river channels, and, more broadly, for water resources and environmental pollution. Ian's many publications include international symposia and conference proceedings, book chapters and papers in Nature, Hydrological Processes, Journal of Hydrology, Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering and many others. Go to Ian’s webpage.

Stephen Rice is a fluvial geomorphologist. His specialisms are in the sedimentology and lotic ecology (e.g. salmonid and invertebrate habitats) of gravel-bed rivers. Recent research papers have appeared in Journal of Sedimentary Research, Water Resources Research, Geomorphology and Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, among others. Go to Stephen’s webpage.

Further information about teaching and research in the Department of Geography at Loughborough is available from the Department’s website. A variety of resources are available from the Department’s Physical Geography Resources Gateway.


Sedimetrics® is a trading name of Loughborough University Enterprises Limited (LUEL). LUEL is the commercial arm of Loughborough University and owns the University’s portfolio of intellectual property, including that behind the Digital Gravelometer software. Purchases of Digital Gravelometer are made through LUEL and your Software Licence Agreement will be with them. The Sedimetrics brand is used to market products and services offered by Loughborough University associated with environmental granulometry.

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For general information and enquiries about Digital Gravelometer, please contact us via info@sedimetrics.com.

For information specifically related to purchasing and licensing issues, please use sales@sedimetrics.com.

Individual contact details for David Graham, Ian Reid and Stephen Rice may be found on their individual websites. Alternatively, you can write to them at: Department of Geography, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU, UK.

Sales of Digital Gravelometer are administered by Loughborough University Enterprises Limited, and your Software Licence Agreement is with them.

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